Volunteer Stories


James Power

Missionvale Reflection 2019 – James Power. My experience of Missionvale was just unbelievable. From the 15th of February to the 26th of February… Read more »

Devlin Staunton

Missionvale Reflection 2019 – Devlin Staunton. In March 2018, myself and four other students, were chosen through an interview process to go to… Read more »

Jack Moran

January 2015 was my first trip to Missionvale. I went with my father Sean, who had been before in 2013 with my brother…. Read more »

Eddie Mulvihill

Missionvale is the name of a township on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth, it has a population of around 25,000 people, and its… Read more »

Katie Grace

My name is Katie Grace and I am a student at St John Bosco Community College Kildysart. I was lucky to be giving… Read more »

Ellen O Donnell

  My name is Ellen O Donnell and I am a student at St John Bosco Community College in Kildysart. The week I… Read more »

Maire Dempsey

Bringing Family Learning to Missionvale On Saturday the 24th January, 2016 a group of volunteers travelled to Missionvale, South Africa. After a 20… Read more »

Ben King

My name is Ben King and I am student at St. Anne’s Community College, Killaloe. My week spent in Missionvale is one that… Read more »

Conor Donnellan

My name is Conor Donnellan and I am a student at St. John Bosco Community College, Kildysart, Co. Clare. I travelled to South… Read more »

Michael Purcell

My name is Michael Purcell and I am a Transition Year student in Thurles CBS. Tipperary. In January 2015 I was lucky enough… Read more »

Deirdre Convey

It’s been over a month since we returned from South Africa, but already there is a desire to go back. Our experience in… Read more »

Cathal Keane

My experience in Missionvale was unforgettable and I have memories from there that I will have forever. I decided to go when I… Read more »