The Missionvale Care Centre operates strictly from the funds it raises. We thank all of you that have made a contribution over the past years. Below is an idea of how your contribution is used and what it will support. These give you a small idea of the huge need for the people of the Missionvale community!

  • Price: 100,00 €
    You could provide basic food (weekly parcel and daily bread and soup powder) for three families for a month. We have 750 families we provide for.
  • Price: 150,00 €
    You could provide all the seeds, fertilizer, and tools necessary for the entire community garden project for one month. We have 35 gardeners who harvest enough vegetables to provide for their family and neighbors.
  • Price: 400,00 €
    You could provide medicine for the clinic for one month’s time. There are 12 months in the year.
  • Price: 800,00 €
    You could provide an education for 15 children at the Missionvale Primary School. We have 173 students that attend our school.
  • 0,00 €
  • Or you can make a donation directly to our bank account:

    Bank Place,
    Co. Clare,

    Sort Code: 93-53-87
    Account Number: 15431041
    Account Name: Missionvale Ireland Ltd

    IBAN: IE92 AIBK 9353 8715 4310 41
  • Every cent counts and we are grateful to each and every one who contributes!