Volunteer Stories


Peggy Monahan

I had been thinking about making the trip to Missionvale for awhile, as I had heard about Sr. Ethel and the extraordinary work… Read more »

Sarah Mulvihill.

On entering the gates of Missionvale Care Centre ran by Sister Ethel and staff , we were greeted with such warmth. It was… Read more »

Kevin McMahon

My experience in Missionvale was incredible. It is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done in my life. To see… Read more »

Kieran Weaver

My name is Kieran Weaver and I travelled to Missionvale in South Africa in February 2020. The work that Sr. Ethel has done… Read more »

Becky O’Donnell

Missionvale invokes a multitude of emotions- a humbling, life changing experience to say the least. While the people of Missionvale have thought me… Read more »

Sorcha Mulvihill

I truly can say that the last week I spent in Missionvale was the most life changing, humbling and emotional experience to date…. Read more »

Annette Conwell

It’s hard to put into words what I’ve experienced this past week in Missionvale. Nothing can prepare you for the reality that is… Read more »

Alison McGee.

I can honestly say that the week I spent in Missionvale has been the most challenging, humbling, life-altering experience I have participated in… Read more »

Dylan McMahon.

Our journey began in Shannon Airport as we embarked on our quest to go and support Missionvale in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The… Read more »

Sarah Lane

I believe Missionvale to be a life changing experience. I’m truly grateful to have been given this opportunity at such a young age… Read more »

Hannah Keating

I went to Missionvale Port Elizabeth in 2019 for my first time. This experience for me was so eye opening and really brought… Read more »

Paul Talty.

We had a great week in Missionvale. We started on Monday working on repairing the clothing store roof after which it was decided… Read more »