Nutrition Unit

The Nutrition Unit helps the people of Missionvale each day by providing them with a half loaf of bread and a scoop of… Read more »

Crafters Unit

The ladies of the Crafters Unit work very hard every day on a variety of projects including curtains, placemats, hand bags, aprons, pillows… Read more »

Community Gardens

The Community Gardens provide a wonderful opportunity for people of Missionvale to learn a new skillĀ  while producing a variety of vegetables. The… Read more »

Clothing Warehouse

The Clothing Warehouse is a self-sustaining unit at the Care Centre. Donated clothing is washed, mended, and organized by gender and size. It… Read more »

Carpentry Unit

The carpentry unit which began in 2007 has been giving many of the residents of Missionvale a new sense of pride and the… Read more »

Primary School

Our school supplies hope, education, care, nourishment and a protected playground for children of Missionvale. The Care Centre helps parents enroll their children… Read more »

Eye Clinic

A volunteer optometrist visits the Care Centre once a week providing optical examinations and helping to provide the people with glasses when necessary…. Read more »

Community Hall

The Community Hall serves many purposes, overall, it is a gathering place for the people of Missionvale. The Care Centre offers support groups… Read more »