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Fruits of our Labours

People often ask- “So are ye making any progress out in Africa?”
For students, teachers, parents and volunteers alike, these picturess from Andy and Liam are vivid proof of the value of the work of everyone involved in Missionvale Ireland since 2008.
It’s worth bearing in mind, that currently they are experiencing one of their worst droughts in South Africa.
These picturess are representative of the HOPE that Sr Ethel instills in the inhabitants.
Education and Self Sufficiency will allow an escape from poverty.



IMG_1136 IMG_1137First harvest from small section of the garden and all due to the abundance of water

– Brainchild of Andy Price and Liam KirwanIMG_1138

There were 50 Bundles of Beetroot and 224 Bundles of Onions distributed to the community last weekIMG_1146IMG_1148IMG_1149IMG_1141